Map of NC

Map of NC

April 28, 2016

North Carolina Gardening!

Spring has sprung!  Flowers are in bloom, the trees are leafing out again, pollen is in the air...  During this time of year, many choose to spruce up their green thumbs and plant a garden.  The NC Literary Map has several titles to help jump start or perhaps maintain all of this beautiful greenery.

One of these books is entitled "The Carolinas Gardener's Handbook" by Toby Bost and  Bob Polomski.  This comprehensive guide contains information, advice, and challenges on a variety of types of garden plants.  Check it out at your local library or bookstore!

Please come back next week for a quick glimpse at another book about gardening in North Carolina!  Happy reading!

April 14, 2016

National Library Week 2016

This week, April 10-16, is National Library Week!  This annual event is sponsored by the American Library Association and observed by libraries across the United States.  The entire month of April is also known as National Poetry Month, started by the Academy of American Poets.

In honor of these two events, I would like to share a quote by former UNCG professor and US Poet Laureate Randall Jarrell from a talk given to the American Library Association many years ago.

"I rarely feel happier than when I am in a library - very rarely feel more soothed and calm and secure.  And there in the soft gloom of the stacks, a book among books, almost, I feel very much in my element - a fish come back to sea; a baby come back to the womb.

I like libraries so much I feel depressed that my cat can't check out books, too."

Happy Library Week and National Poetry Month!

April 7, 2016

NC Writers' Network 2016 Spring Conference

The North Carolina Writers' Network 2016 Spring Conference is coming up on April 23!  Michael Parker, a writing professor at UNCG, as well as a successful novelist, will give the keynote address.  Other writers and professors will teach and lead various classes in this all-day event held in the MHRA building on the University of North Carolina at Greensboro campus.  For more information, please check out the NC Writers' Network website.  Preregistration is currently open until April 17.  Spaces are filling up fast so sign up now if you are interested in attending!  We hope to see you there!

March 31, 2016

Easter Monday

Did you know that Easter Monday used to be a North Carolina state holiday?  Do you know why?  It all started with a baseball game.  Wake Forest University (WFU) used to be located near Raleigh.  WFU had a long-standing baseball rivalry with what is now known as NC State University.

The annual game was so popular that everyone, including government workers, would skip work to attend the game.  Thus, the NC government eventually declared Easter Monday a state holiday, though this is no longer in effect today.

For more information about this once beloved historical event, please check out the aptly titled "The Easter Monday Baseball Game" by Tim Peeler.  You can find this book at your local library or bookstore.  Happy reading!

March 24, 2016

North Carolina Basketball

A secret interracial college game in 1944.  A college athlete turned award-winning coach, now retired.  The ongoing rivalry between Duke University and UNC-Chapel Hill.  What do all of these books have in common?  Basketball.  March in North Carolina is an important time for this sport.

The first reference is for a book entitled The Secret Game by Scott Ellsworth.  The second, On the Rim of the Basket, by Jim Hartbarger.  The third, The Blue Divide, by Johnny Moore and Art Chansky.  You can check out all of these books and more at your local library or bookstore.  Happy reading!


March 3, 2016

Chris Bohjalian Coming to UNCG!

New York Times bestselling author Chris Bohjalian is coming to the Elliott University Center at the UNC-Greensboro campus! The author will be the guest speaker at the Friends of the UNCG Libraries' annual dinner on the evening of March 22. Please visit the Friends of the UNCG Libraries' webpage for more information, including how to purchase tickets for the event. Do not miss your chance to meet this very successful writer!

February 25, 2016

Shelby Stephenson Tribute

Bit and Grain, an online newspaper dedicated to promoting North Carolina places and people, has published an excellent article on our current North Carolina Poet Laureate, Shelby Stephenson.  The NC Literary Map has a list of Stephenson's works, which can be found at your local library or bookstore.  Enjoy this tribute to one of our state's highly recognized authors!